construction process

Since we began to work in the guitar world, all our guitars models are fully handmade. It is a very elaborate process that actually starts months before the guitar construction process itself.

One of the most important steps to make one instrument and, specially, a guitar is the choice of the wood to use. Our workshop selects different types of wood such as Ebony, Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Canadian Cedar, CaviUna, Cypress, Maple, Ziricote, Indian Rosewood… All this woods are previously tied to a curing process which lasts several years. This process provides the woods with required and proper humidity conditions to use them in the guitars construction process.

The wood used depends on the type of guitar to be made, classic or flamenco guitar. Our customers request us to make one of our exclusive guitars, and then we start a hardworking and careful construction process.

Once the guitar is designed, we proceed to the construction of the different parts following a handcrafted process fully developed in our traditional and cosy workshop. Those different parts are joined with high-quality glues. Finally, we use a proper varnish to protect the instrument and ensure its preservation.

The whole construction process we develop ensure that your guitar will maintain a high-quality sound over the years.

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