Classic Guitar:

classic guitar - backclassic guitar - front



Flamenco Guitar:

flamenco guitar - backFlamenco guitar - front


Basically, we make two types of guitars in our workshop, the classic guitar and the flamenco guitar, although we also make the Torres guitar.


The most important difference between those two guitar models is the type of wood used during the construction process of each guitar, as well as other special peculiarities that provide each guitar with its own sound.


Our instruments are unique and exclusive as they are only made to order so we can dedicate each instrument the required time to achieve the highest quality. Only that way, customer is completely satisfied with the requested instrument.


From the beginning, we use the very best materials in the world; high-quality materials that provide every instrument with an excellent and special sound and that ensure a perfect preservation over the years. One of these materials are the woods used in the construction process. We import them from different places around the world with its relevant quality certificates. The most popular woods we use are Ebony, Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Canadian Cedar, CaviUna, Cypress, Maple, Ziricote, Indian Rosewood…

Feel free to contact us for information about different guitar models we make and to order your own instruments. We would be pleased to help you.

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