José Marín Plazuelo was born in Granada, on the 13th of June, 1960. He is the nephew of Antonio Marín Montero, and he joined his uncle's workshop in 1974, when he was 14 years old. There, he learned this traditional job together with José González López.
Young José Marín Plazuelo
Marín and his disciple José some years ago
From the beginning, his uncle praised his nephew's job. Following Antonio Marín's technique, he makes his own guitars in a traditional way from many years ago. Today, he makes his own guitars, although he continues to share the workshop, his time and experiences with his uncle and master, Antonio Marín Montero, one of the most prestigious luthiers of the world.
Nowadays, he has become a brilliant luthier and his classic guitars mainly remind his master's guitars. However, his flamenco guitars are similar to those of Francisco Simplicio (1874 - 1932), a well-known guitar maker from Catalonia (Spain), but with a smaller body than Torres' guitar, whmo were the master of his uncle Antonio Marín.
José nowadays
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