We have spent many years devoting ourselves to the guitar. Our workshop was first located on number 1 of Laurel de San Matias street for four years. Then, we moved to Carretera de la Sierra and we spent there five years. During this time, Marín Montero's guitars achieved fame so we decided to move to Mariana Pineda street, a central workshop to receive our friends and admirers daily.

In 1969, we moved all our tools to number 15 of Parrilla street (nowadays called Paseo de las Palmas). We shared our time and this workshop with the prestigious guitar maker Manuel López Bellido and finally, in 1979, we established our handsaws, sandpapers and varnishes to number 1 of Caidero street, on the corner of Molinos street.

The Palace of Alhambra, one of the most beautiful places in the world loved by many artist, is the precious landscape of our traditional workshop, located on a luxury residential area in the heart of Granada, near Manuel de Falla's house.

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